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Welcome to Perucchi Coffee

Welcome to our Perucchi Coffee Page. Here you can order our products and learn a bit more about our Peruvian Coffee. Our coffee is one of the best in the world, cultivated in the Peruvian forest and handled with special care to please the most demanding taste. Perucchi Coffee specializes in Organic, Gourmet and flavored coffees 100% Peruvians.

Our Perucchi Organic Coffee

Coffee rich of flavor cultivated in the shadows of our peruvian forest

USDA Organic Logo

Certified Organic

Our Organic Perucchi Coffee is Certified Organic by the United State Department of Agriculture. Our Organic Coffee has been produced through approved methods.

Quality Seal

Superior Quality

Our commitment with you, warranty excellent quality coffee. Our Coffee is grown in the Peruvian forest and handled with special care to obtain the best quality possible.

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100% Peruvian Coffee

Perucchi Coffee only offer 100% Arabica Coffee from Peru. We strive in bringing you the best coffee from the remote areas like Amazonas, Apurímac, Ayacucho, Cusco, Puno and others.


Carefully roasted to perfection

Coffe of Peru - A Brief History

We decided to start Perucchi Coffee by launching to the market our Organic Coffee, since people today are very concern with healthy products that are friendly to the environment. Our goal is oriented toward a sustainable ecological agriculture.

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About Our Company

Perucchi Trading Corporation was created in the city of New York, in 2007, by Oswaldo Aguilar. Perucchi Trading distributes a wide variety of consumer products to bodegas, mini markets and supermarkets. In 2014, we initiated studies and market’s tests for the production of 100% Peruvian coffee intended for our community, but gradually spreading to the general market in the United States.

In October 2016, after many studies and evaluations, we placed our product on the market, Perucchi Coffee. With much enthusiasm and excitement, but mostly betting on Peru, we have managed to sale our coffee in New York, New Jersey, Washington, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. Our plans include other states where the Peruvian community is present.

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Others Perucchi Coffees

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Preparing the Perfect Coffee

Unlimited possibilities

Our Perucchi Coffee is specially packet to keep it fresh and maintain its aroma. The form in which you prepare your coffee it’s a personal choice. Nobody can tell you how you like your cup of coffee. Some people like it strong, others like it light. Some prefer it hot and other like it cold. All depend on your preferences and taste.

You can enjoy your coffee in company of picarones or alfajores. Or you may like it in company of some very good friends. Coffee is a drink that everybody can enjoy. Here are some ideas of how to prepare a basic cup of coffee.

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What our clients say about us

This is the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. Other coffees may be famous, and certainly more expensive, but it is for sure the best organic, period.
Thanks a lot!

House keeper – Beatriz Gamarra
Jamaica, New York

Hi, I just wanted to leave a note of thanks. We are so happy with this coffee. It’s marvelous in the mornings. Your coffee really makes our everyday work go so much faster. Thank you.

Driver – Roberto Marin
Queens, NY

I just want to thank you for the wonderful coffee you are selling. Its important for me the quality and that the products that I buy come from companies that respect our environment. Gracias. Sí es ¡Buenazo!

Publicist – Max Caicedo
Brooklyn, New York

Now that you know a little bit more about our coffee.

It’s time to taste the best organic coffee and say Buenazo!