Our goal is oriented toward a sustainable ecological agriculture.

In 2014, we initiated studies and market’s tests for the production of 100% Peruvian coffee intended for our community, but gradually spreading to the general market in the United States. And in October 2016, after many studies and evaluations, we placed our product on the market, Perucchi Coffee. With much enthusiasm and excitement, but mostly betting on Peru, we have managed to sale our coffee in New York, New Jersey, Washington, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. Our plans include other states where the Peruvian community is present.


We continue to expand our sales, despite the great challenges of a highly competitive market. Because we recognize that the quality and value of our coffee, overcome any obstacle we can find. A product with excellent qualities and a distinctive flavor makes Perucchi coffee a product appreciated by the connoisseur of coffee.

The people around the world have started to recognize our Peruvian cuisine and the variety of our dishes. To the point that one of the main tourist attraction in Peru, it’s now our gastronomy. Peru it’s well-recognized in offering fines and unique products. Now, thanks to the large agricultural production and traditions of cultivation, the world is appreciating the quality of our coffee.

Finally, our company is committed to assume its social responsibility. We have devoted initiatives on behalf of our farmers to support the Peruvian youth with programs promoting culture, education and the sports.

We must also emphasize our commitment to the environment; and the proof is that we have started our campaign with an organic coffee, certified by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Also, in the near future, we’ll be presenting other initiatives. Please keep visiting our website and our social networks sites to be informed.

Thank you very much for your support.

The Founder - Oswaldo Aguilar.

Oswaldo Aguilar was born in El Callao, Peru. Since very little, he had the vocation to be an entrepreneur and he excelled in the school activities related to trade and sales. He studied economics and business science at the Catholic University Andres Bello, Venezuela.

Coffee plantation

Aguilar worked as a planner of marine engineering at the base of El Callao, Peru. Also he worked as a planner in several major projects of hydraulic engineering in Venezuela. In 1983, with his extensive experience, he traveled to the USA, where he participated in the development of several companies. Then in 1985 he creates Oswaldo Jewelry, a company involved in the business of precious metals. In 1985 he creates Perucchi Trading Corporation.

During one of his travels in Peru, Oswaldo visit several plantations of Peruvian agricultural products, including coffee. It was this one that caught his attention, so much that Oswaldo decides to take several training courses related to the coffee industry. In 2015, Oswaldo brings its first Peruvian coffee beans to the city of New York, creating Perucchi Coffee, which obtained wide acceptance and very good sales rates.

In 2016, Mr. Aguilar manages to place a Peruvian Organic Coffee of very high quality in the US market. The Perucchi Organic Coffee achieves high demand, allowing the expansion of Oswaldo production and the introduction of other varieties of Peruvian coffee like the Premium and those with "essence" of hazelnuts and vanilla. These latter varieties of coffee will be purchased on this website soon.